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In August Greig, his fiancée Charlene, Blair and his wife Laura undertook the challenge of the Forfar 10k to raise some money for the amazing Ward 34 at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.  Cousins Julie and Stephen Dickson, plus Paul and Amanda Thomson also joined them on the day.


Ward 34 is where Phil is being treated 24/7 and all of the staff on the ward have been absolutely incredible, taking excellent care of both Phil and Shirley. They have taken care of everything and it has always been accompanied by a smile and a much welcomed blether.

Any money raised for the ward is spent on the ward and goes towards getting the kind of things that make a patient’s stay just a little more comfortable. Good quality fans, TVs and patient chairs which recline (currently ward 34 only has 4 of these for 16 rooms) are bought using donations to the ward and can make a real difference to the patients stay.

We would ask that everyone donates anything they can to a fantastic group of staff who will ensure that every penny is spent for the benefit of current and future patients.





Every penny can make a difference and let’s not kid ourselves that little extra boost to complete the 10k will not go amiss.

Donations can be made directly through this website, using PayPal or alternatively get in touch and we will be only too happy to assist.