Facebook post 11th December 2015…..

Great news – Consultant really pleased with my progress to date and felt I was well enough to go home so I was discharged yesterday and slept in my own bed last night – Happy days!!!!
Still a long way to go but at least I can continue in comfortable surroundings for now.
Big thank you to everyone for get well wishes and cards (both get well and Christmas).
Please don’t be offended but with everything that’s going on we will not be sending out Christmas cards this year so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy & prosperous 2016.
Hope this finds you all in good health..


Facebook post 25th November 2015…..

Hard to believe it’s 6 months to the day since I was first admitted to hospital.
Today is classed as day zero because I am getting Bone marrow transplant cells today.
As you can see from photos it’s probably a bit of an anticlimax no evasive procedure (thank goodness) just simply a bag of fluid on an IV drip.
Hopefully onwards and upwards from hear (probably downwards first but deffo onwards).
Hope this finds you all well.

Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.


Facebook post 16th November 2015…..

Well tonight’s the last night at home for a wee while.
All systems are go for Bone Marrow Transplant procedure to start tomorrow at the Beatson Clinic in Glasgow.
Probably be in Glasgow for the next 4-5 weeks at least – possibly transferring to the new “Superhospital” at some stage.
I’ll do my best to keep you all posted as things progress but just need to see how it goes.
Hope this finds you all well.


Facebook post 9th November 2015…..

Had Little Miss Katie over for Lunch yesterday – great fun!!

Philip Hopcroft's photo.Philip Hopcroft's photo.


Facebook post 19th October 2015…..

We had this wee beauty for a sleepover at the weekend.
Not a bit of bother – she even slept right through.
Proud grandparents or wot!!
Can’t wait till the next time 😍.

Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.  Philip Hopcroft's photo.


Facebook post 5th October 2015…..

Home again at last 👍👍
After 42 days straight in ward 34 they recon I’m well enough to go home for a while.
Still need to be very careful for infection etc but at least I’ll be in my own bed tonight.
Happy days!

Blair Facebook post 2nd August 2015…..

On the way out of the Augustines gig last night we met lead singer (and undisputed coolest man in the world) Billy McCarthy. He was good enough to have a wee photo with us and even sent my dad a wee video message of support. An absolute gentleman.

listening to Augustines with Philip Hopcroft and Laura Hopcroft.

Blair Hopcroft's photo.  Blair Hopcroft's photo.

Facebook post 1st August 2015…..

Was a wee bit disappointed that I couldn’t get to Edinburgh tonite with Blair Hopcroft to see Augustines – probably my favourite band at the moment.
Then got this on Twitter from Billy McCarthy – totally chuffed to bits.
Fair made my day!!

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Facebook post 31st July 2015…..

Hi Folks – It’s been a wee while since my last update.
I came back into Ward 34 about a fortnight ago for round 2 of the chemo.
That’s complete now and apart from a couple of “not so good” days it went relatively well.
The not so good days were last weekend and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and pull the covers up over my head (a bit like supporting the rovers I suppose).
Anyhow through that and feeling a good bit better now – doc says it’s just a waiting game (again) to see how my blood counts do – could be 3-4 weeks before we hear anything.
Not sure when I’m likely to get home again but the important thing is to try and stay infection free as my immune system is non existent.
The 10k team should all be getting down to serious training now with only 3 weeks to go.
The fund has had another wee spurt and is now only a tenner short of £2.5k INCREDIBLE or wot!!

Hope this finds everyone out there in fine fettle.


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Facebook post 28th July 2015…..

As our donations counter reaches £2400 (www.thehopcrofts.co.uk) I feel obliged to send a wee message of encouragement to the 10k team.
Greig Hopcroft & Charlene Ferrell , Blair Hopcroft & Laura Hopcroft , Julie Dickson, Stephen Dickson, Paul & Amanda Thomson
Still completely overwhelmed by the generosity and kind words from everyone.
That total (which still excludes a lot of cash donations) equates to at least £240 per Kilometre which in itself is a fantastic achievement.
You are obviously all different levels of 10k’rs but please bear in mind that there are only 25 training days left so let’s get out there – join the gym, pound the pavements or whatever floats your boat but please don’t attempt it without some training.
Enough scare tactics!!

I am sure Sunday the 23rd of August is going to be a great day and you guys will all make it a fun day out once the run is done – a few beers etc no doubt and the first rounds on me!!
I probably won’t be able to be there but if I’m not in hospital be assured I will be in Forfar at some point to cheer you on (albeit probably from a great distance).
So let’s be bold, be brave and be wonderful as only you guys can be but most of all PLEASE be careful I don’t want twisted ankles, pulled muscles, torn ligament or blistered feet.
Enjoy the training and good luck.



Facebook post 18th July 2015…..

Lovely (bracing) day for a wee walk along the prom!
Scottish summer at its best!

Philip Hopcroft's photo.


Facebook post 17th July 2015…..

Just back from hospital and bone marrow tests still show signs of Leukemia so it’s back into the ward on Monday morning to start next round of chemo.
Blood counts still pretty low so risk of infection is still a concern – probably means very restricted visiting while getting treatment.
Pretty much all as expected from what the doctors had said at the start but a bit disappointed it’s not better news.
Still – onwards and upwards.


Facebook post 13th July 2015…..

Still at home for now.
Just back from hospital and no change on blood levels etc.
Doc took bone marrow samples (ouch!!) and they are now in a taxi on their way to Edinburgh for testing.
Just a waiting game.
Back in on Friday for results.


Facebook post 4th July 2015…..

Lovely evening for a short stroll along the promenade.

Facebook post 3rd July 2015…..

Shocked or wot!!
Doctor came round this morning and said she was happy that I was well enough to get home for a few days – wasn’t expecting that!!
So here I am sitting in the back garden hiding from the sun – covered in factor 50 but enjoying the fresh air!!
Feeling good!!


Facebook post 2nd July 2015…..

Feeling pretty good today – tonsillitis is as good as gone and even managed to “escape” this morning for a wee while to get a bit of fresh air and catch a few rays (loads of factor 50 applied beforehand).
Still completely overwhelmed by the ongoing generosity from all quarters for the 10k challenge.

And just to prove we were out … ‪#‎yetanothersunshineselfie‬


Facebook post 30th June 2015…..

All set for the heatwave.
Feeling a lot better today – still got tonsillitis but throats not quite as bad as yesterday.

Facebook post 29th June 2015…..

Hi folks,

Well we are not even 1 week in and we have raised over £1600! We are all astounded at the generosity of you all. However, we are not resting on our laurels and would love lots more of you to donate however much you can, every pound counts and will go straight back in to making the patients stay in ward 34 that bit easier.

A reminder that you can keep up to date with Dad’s progress at http://www.thehopcrofts.co.uk where you can also donate through PayPal.


Facebook post 25th June 2015…..


Totally overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone donating to The 10k challenge.  Only been up for a couple of days and we have enough for a chair already!! Many thanks to all for this.

Good news of sorts today – I am no longer on drips so getting dressed AND showered in the morning.
Tuesday Wednesday were great but woke this morning with a sore throat – doctor advises a wee touch of tonsillitis but just penicillin tablets so still drip free.
Nothing to worry about so just getting on with things.

Another piece of really good news is our Niece Julie Dickson has also signed up for the run – well done Julie Go Girl!!!

Once again thanks to everyone who has donated so far.






Facebook post 23rd June 2015…..

Hi folks just a short update.

Got a line fitted in my chest last week and had a bit of a time of it whilst it healed.

Much better now – still getting hooked up to IV antibiotics but at least I’m able to get up and get clothes on.

Still getting tired easily but feeling a lot better this week.

Hope this finds you all fit and well.

Really touched by the fund raising efforts from Greig Hopcroft Blair Hopcroft Laura Hopcroft and Charlene Ferrell

Check it out at www.thehopcrofts.co.uk




Facebook post 11th June 2015…..

Just a quick update – First round of chemo done and dusted and so far so good.
No major side effects to report as yet but entering a 3-4 week recovery spell so maybe too early to say.

Still got all my hair but they reckon it’s fairly certain to fallout (who loves ya, baby!! 🍭)

All the staff here on ward 34 have been truly amazing and a real credit to the much maligned NHS.

Managed to get out far a wee wander this morning and catch a few Rays – albeit I had to cover up and use factor 50 on any exposed bits!!

Big thanks to my wonderful wife for putting up with me.

PS – Big thank you to everyone for the lovely cards and words of encouragement – all very much appreciated.



Facebook post 27th May 2015……

Hi to family & FB friends.
Don’t know who’s all heard but bit of of bad news from here unfortunately – I’ve been a bit run down of late and following on from some tests I’ve been diagnosed with leukaemia.
Consultant fairly confident I can beat it but gonna be a bit of a trek.
Probably out of action for 4-5 months so keep the old Facebook posts going
Hope you are all good and I’ll keep you updated from time to time on progress.